Bachelor's Thesis

To incorporate all the knowledge acquired during studies and to fulfil final degree requirements, students should undertake a major research task by writing a  Bachelor’s Thesis within the context of economics or business. The Bachelor’s Thesis is an original academic work that fulfils the academic criteria for the BSc degree in Economics and Business at SSE Riga.  A student can complete the Bachelor’s Thesis individually or together with another student.

The Thesis writing process consists of the following stages: the thesis proposal, the research design description, the review of empirical findings, the thesis draft, the final thesis together with a data set and the revised thesis, where all suggestions and changes noted by examiners have been implemented. Each student or pair of students developing a Thesis is entitled to a supervisor who advises regarding the planning and execution of the Thesis work. Additionally, SSE Riga provides a number of experts in selected fields who can give advise on the methodology and other parts of the Bachelor’s Thesis. The best Bachelor’s Theses are published in the SSE Riga Student Working Papers Series.