Research and Publications

SSE Riga should, according to its mission, produce state-of the-art research of relevance to the Baltic countries, as well as actively participate in and foster public debate in its fields of competence. To fulfil its mission SSE Riga cooperates closely with the business community as well as the public sector – several of the current research projects have been initiated after discussion with these external stakeholders.

The School’s research profile covers a wide range of fields and the main subjects include:

  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative industries
  • Telecommunications and information technology
  • Economic anthropology
  • Education

Researchwise, SSE Riga cooperates closely with the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies, BICEPS, which is an independent research institute undertaking high quality policy-oriented research in economics and other social sciences. SSE Riga and BICEPS jointly organize the Economics Seminar that meets on a regular basis. BICEPS is located in the SSE Riga main building.

Research in the fields of entrepreneurship, telecommunications and information technology is undertaken within the framework of the TeliaSonera Institute at SSE Riga. The Institute regularly publishes reports and discussion papers within its fields of activity.

SSE Riga cooperates with the World Economic Forum on research for the Global Competitiveness Report. Furthermore, the School is the Latvian partner in the Global Entrepreneurship consortium. The school also participates in various EU- and government-funded research and policy oriented projects.

Dissemination of research from SSE Riga takes various forms.The joint SSE Riga/BICEPS academic seminars (click here for the schedule), conferences, public seminars, and lectures are organised regularly. In cooperation with TeliaSonera, the school organises the annual TeliaSonera Business Day focussing on policy-oriented issues. Furthermore, research results are also disseminated through a number of publications: