SSE Riga Working Papers

The SSE Riga Working Paper Series published faculty and student research. The Working Paper Series has been discontinued and replaced by SSE Riga/BICEPS Research and Occasional Report series and the SSE Riga Student Research Papers.

2010 : 1
Madara Devko and Jūlija Šeršņova
Does Flexibility Matter? Evidence from Professional Service Industry Firms in Latvia
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 2
Kotryna Drąsutytė and Eglė Mažulytė
Attention Effect in Decision Making: The Case of Baltic Investors
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 3
Karolis Jasinskas and Kristīne Vasiļjeva
Symmetry of Macroeconomic Shocks: Is any of the Baltic States Ready for the Euro?
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 4
Agnė Kostogriz
Lithuanian Employees’ Attitudes towards Internet and E-mail Usage and Surveillance at the Workplace
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 5
Viktorija Babiņeca and Irina Alutina
Stakeholders’ Attitudes to the Conditional Cash Transfers to the Low Income Families in Latvia
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 6
Laima Pļaviņa
Internationalization of Latvian “Born Globals”
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 7
Vitālijs Siļvestrovs and Maia Sokolova
Ownership, Innovation and Productivity in Latvian Small Enterprises: Application of the CDM Model
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 8
Pāvels Berezovskis and Veiko Visnapuu
Post-Earnings Announcement Drifts on the Baltic Stock Exchanges
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 9
Anna Rubcova
Okun’s Law: Evidence from the Baltic States
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 10
Karolis Liaudinskas and Jonas Masaitis
Who Gets Public Funding and Why? The Political Alignment Effect on Funding Allocation to Lithuanian Municipalities
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 11
Jolita Jakavičiūtė and Paulius Pikelis
Willingness to Pay for Digital Music : The Case of Lithuania
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2010 : 12
Aleksandrs Orlovs
The Dark Side of Rebates. Antitrust Regulation in the European Union as Regards to Rebate Strategy
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 1
Simona Kulakauskaite and Marius Raugalas 
Is a Friend of my Friend my Friend? Variation of Altruism within the Social Chain
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 2
Danielius Stasiulis
The Semi-Strong Form Efficiency in the CEE Stock Markets
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 3
Ernesta Orlovaitė and Aurimas Račas
In Search of Money Illusion in CEE Stock Markets: The CAPM Approach
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 4
Vitalija Bogdanovičiūtė and Roberta Rudukaitė
Advertising Practice among Lithuanian Telecommunication Companies: On the Edge between Legislation and Ethics
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 5
Martins Bajars and Arvis Tilgalis
Latvian Interbank Rates: Determinants and Predictability
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 6
Artūrs Čirjevskis and Edgars Grāvis
Technology Transfer: What is FDI Influence on Total Factor Productivity in Latvian Economy Sectors?
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 7
Katerina Zavgorodnaja
In Pursuit of ISO Certification: Clients’ and Consultants’ Perspectives on Quality Consultancy Projects’ Process in Latvia
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2009 : 8
Vitālijs Jasčišens and Juris Rumba
Public Procurement and Political Connections: The Case of Latvia
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)

2008 : 3
Lina Budriuté and Malgožata Makovska
The Characteristics of Nascent Entrepreneurs in Latvia
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)  

2008 : 5
Kristīne Lapiņa and Ilze Šrādere
The Efficiency of Job Advertisements: Can It Be Improved?
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)  

2008 : 6
Alexander Tarvid
Measuring the e-Readiness of Higher Education Institutions
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF) 

2008 : 8
Ramojus Gineika and Aušra Kropaité
The Value Of Control: A Study Of Dual-Class Shares In European Listed Companies
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)  

2008 : 9
Martin Kuusmaa and Harro Rannamets
Responses To Risk: A Study Of Estonians, Latvians And Lithuanians
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)

2008 : 10
Aija Petrovska
Caught before they Act: Increasing Efficiency through Reducing Risks of Corruption in the Latvian Public Procurement Market
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)

2008 : 11
Artūrs Kaņepājs and Andris Puriņš
Causality between price and wage inflation in the Latvian economy 
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 9
Lelde Stukle and Agra Vītola
SSE Riga Graduates: Do Better Grades Make Them Entrepreneurial?
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 8
Aleksej Avdejev and Mindaugas Kvekšas
Monthly And Daily Stock Return Anomalies – An Investigation Of The Stock Markets In The Baltic States
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 7
Dmitri Vassiljev and Jurijs Dudčenko
Russian Mutual Equity Fund Performance: Selectivity, Timing And Persistence
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 6
Lauris Grāvelis
The Natural Rate Of Unemployment: Has Latvia Reached Full Employment?
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 5
Vilius Maniusis and Mykantas Urba
Short Run Momentum And Stock Market Efficiency. Case Study Of The Baltic States
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 4
Ģirts Tihomirovs
Common Misstatements In The Financial Statements Of Latvian Companies. Do Investors Consider Possible Fraud In Financial Data They Analyze?
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 3
Sandra Bankoviča and Jānis Praņevičs
How Does Inclusion In An Index Affect Stock Prices? The Case Of Central And Eastern Europe
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 2
Natalija Gņezdova
Latvia As A Place For Making Films: Reality And Perspectives
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2007 : 1
Igors Lahtadirs and Jeļena Loseva
Park and Ride In Riga: An Analysis Of Demand Determining Factors
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 9  
Andris Keziks and Reinis Vība
The Determinants of the Severity of Traffic Accidents in Latvia: An Econometric Analysis
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 8  
Rustė Tervydytė and Paulius Jančiauskas
La Dolce Vita: Lithuanian Consumer Perceptions of Luxury Goods, Their Associated Attributes and Values
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 7  
Jānis Naglis and Mārtiņš Šulte
The Short-Run Residential Demand for Electricity in Latvia: An Estimate of Price and Income Elasticity
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 6  
Heidi Mallene and Kristina-Maria Muskina
Website as a Marketing and Distribution Channel in the Hotel Industry: the Case of Estonia
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 5  
Boriss Ginzburgs and Vytautas Imbrasas
Buying the Hearts and Minds: the Influence of Spending on Election Outcomes in Latvia
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 4  
Kaspars Dreimanis and Imants Ģērmanis
An Analysis of the Latvian Biodiesel Industry: Factors Restricting Development and Problems to be Solved
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 3  
Dmitrijs Dikaņskis and Deniss Kiseļovs
Fuzzy Trading on the Baltic Stock Exchanges
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 2  
Evita Beltiņa and Aleksandrs Labeckis
Riga's Class A and B+ Office Space: An Analysis of the Main Factors that Determine Consumer Choice
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2006 : 1  
Indrė Gertrūda Baškytė and Donata Radžiūnaitė
Public Private Partnerships In the Lithuanian District Heating Sector: Innovativeness, Performance, & Efficiency
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 10
Just ė Pranskevičiūt ė and Aiva Šperberga
An Investigation into the Dynamics of Inflation in Latvia: The P-star Approach
Abstract_(PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 9
Viktorija Spuriņa and Līga Korņenkova
What could go wrong on the Way to EMU? The Case of Latvia: Possible Development Scenarios
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 8
Lina Banyt ė and Žygimantas Mauricas
The Effects of Minimum Wage Legislation on Company Decision-Making: The Case of the Hotel and Restaurant Sector in Lithuania
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 7
Kristiāna Ķiete and Gediminas Uloza
The Information Efficiency of the Stock Markets in Lithuania and Latvia
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 6
Mirko Känd and Martin Rekor
Perceived Involvement in Decision-Making and Job Satisfaction: The Evidence from a Job Satisfaction Survey among Nurses in Estonia
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 5
Renata Bernotait ė and Anastasija Piskunova
An Expenditure-Based Estimate of Latvia's Shadow Economy
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 4
Terēze Ase and Tatjana Rebeša
The Study of the Self-Gift Concept in Latvia. A Comparison between Gender and Ethnic Factors
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 3
Juri Pervjakov and Liia Semjonova
I Consume, therefore..? Consumerism in Estonia before and after the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 2
Līva Rozenberga and Laura Šiļko
Application of Tribal Marketing in Latvia: the Case of Snowboarders
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2005 : 1
Laurens Swinkels, Diana Vejina and Rainers Vilans
Why don't Latvian Pension Funds Diversify more Internationally?
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 13
Laimonas Devyžis and Gintautas Jankauskas
Explaining the Cost of Equity in Central and Eastern Europe.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 12
Julija Melnika and Vasilijs Mihailovs
Information Technology Strategy and Its Implementation in Museums.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 11
Vilma Midveryt ė and Erika Sirutyt ė
The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Architecture on Organization's Productivity: The Case of Leading Joint-Stock Companies in Lithuania.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 10
Inna Kuzmina and Aleksandrs Lobakovs
The Impact of Sector Productivity Differentials on Inflation and the Real Exchange Rate: An Estimation of the Balassa-Samuelson Effect in Latvia.
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 9
Agn ė Redeckait ė and Jeļena Sokolovska
Testing Uncovered Interest Parity in Latvia.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 8
Anna Aleksandrova and Jonas Lubys
Application of the Structure-Conduct-Performance Paradigm in a Transition Economy: Explaining Reported Profitability of the Largest Latvian Firms.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 7
Naglis Jonuška and Egl ė Morkūnaitė
EU Structural Funds in Lithuania: Factors Determining SMEs' Willingness to Apply for Project Subsidies.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 6
Kasparas Adomaitis
How Does Trade Affect the Correlation of Business Cycles in EU Accession Countries?
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 5
Olegs Kuznecovs and Andrejs Maslovs
Relative FDI Attractiveness of Eight EU Accession States.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 4
Toomas Mardi and Jurğis Sedlenieks
Would Current Travelers Choose to Try Low Cost Airlines? Application of the Kelvin Lancaster Model on Riga / Tallinn - Stockholm Transportation Market.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 3
Laura Veel
Public Sector Marketing: The Case of the Estonian Funded Pension.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 2
Ilja Arslanov and Kristine Kolosovska
Active Portfolio Management with the Application of Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Tools in the Context of the Baltic Stock Market.
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2004 : 1
Aile Lillepalu and Katri Pokats
Evaluation of Branding Strategies among Selected Estonian Food and Beverages Producers.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 20 
Lina Liubinskaite and Jevgeņijs Kazaņins
Implications of the New Basel Accord. Introduction for Baltic States.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 19
Mantas Jonuška and Indr ė Samėnaitė
Foreign Exchange Risk Management in Lithuanian Companies: The use of currency derivatives.    
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 18
Emilis Kašauskas and Martynas Visockas
Emerging Stock Exchanges: Analysis of Interaction Between Size and Development with Application to the Baltic States.
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 17
Marius Januškevičius
Testing Stock Market Efficiency Using Neural Networks. Case of Lithuania.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 16
Tõnis Erm and Märt-Martin Arengu
Development of a National Brand. The Case of the Estonian Brand Project
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 15
Evija Miezīte and Jekaterina Pogrebnaja
Analysis of Unemployment Duration in Latvia: differences between urban and rural areas.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 14
Vineta Vīra and Kristīne Narnicka
Semi-subsistence Farming in Latvia: Its production function and what will be the impact of proposed EU support?
Abstract (PDF)   Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 13
Rokas Šalaševičius and Petras Vaičius
Exchange Rate-Trade Balance Relationship: Testing the Marshall-Lerner Condition In the Baltic States.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 12
Raimonds Graudiņš
Involvement of Private Sector and Non-governmental Organizations in Provision of Social Services in Latvia. Current Position and Future Paths.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 11
Romāns Astahovs and Aurimas Draugelis
National Industrial Cluster Profiles: Identification and Analysis for the Case of Latvia.
Abstract (PDF)    Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 10
Aija Brūvere and Simona Pavlova
Analysis of the Present Situation and the Prospects for Development of the Organic Product Market in Latvia Based on the Experience of the European Union.
Abstract (PDF)     Full Text (PDF)

2003 : 9
Alfredas Chmieliauskas and Povilas Levišauskas
Project Management Maturity in the Information Technology Industry of the Baltic States.

2003 : 8
Viktorija Meikšāne
International Financial Services Center in Latvia: Can a Dream Come True?

2003 : 7
Tadas Žibūda
The Impact of Human Resource Management Communication on ?Lietuvos Telekomas".

2003 : 6
Andris Ogriņš and Gints Mednis
Forecasting the Latvian Mobile Voice Communications Market.

2003 : 5
Maija Kāle and Dagmāra Dreiškena
Towards Environmental Responsibility in Latvia?s Society.

2003 : 4
Sanita Skadiņa and Edgars Grandāns
An Assessment of the Latvian Municipalities Through the Prism of the Business World.

2003 : 3
Anna Lebedoka and Liene Vitena
Strawberry Fields.

2003 : 2
Mantas Stankus
Prices, Wages and Unemployment in the Baltics: 1995 ? 2001

2003 : 1
Egle Brazauskaite and Laurynas Malcys
Identifying the Elite in Lithuania: a Study of Its Living Conditions and Consumption Patterns.

2000 : 8
Eva Čerņavska and Jānis Skutelis
Financing Patterns of Investment in Current and Fixed Assets in Latvia. Manufacturing and Construction Industries.

2000 : 7
Peeter Pärna and Neeme Praks
Applying the Value Web Model in Financial Industry: the Case of Estonia.

2000 : 6
Ilona Molnare and Svetlana Sitņikova
The Potential of Internet Banking in Latvia: Customer Study.

2000 : 5a
Normunds Sala and Jevgenijs Zagorovskis
Excise Taxation of Soft Drinks in Latvia

2000 : 5
Markko Kard and Aivar Tihane
Efficient Electricity Transmission Pricing for the Baltic States: Principles and Possible Solutions.

2000 : 4
Avo Kaasik and Gerri Kodres
The Viability of Venture Capital Based Financing in Estonia.

2000 : 3
Katrin Kalmer and Kati Virtaal
Liberalisation of the Estonian Telecommunication Market, Scenarios for Estonian Telephone Company (ETC).

2000 : 2
Eili Rahnel
The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Local Research and Development. Evidence from the Estonian Electronics Industry.

2000 : 1
Jevgenijs Zagorovskis and Normunds Sala
Costs and Benefits of the Latvian Sugar Regime: a Critical Evaluation of Latvian Sugar Policy.

1999 : 5
Mārtiņš Kazāks and Roberts Ķīlis, eds.
Education and Economic Competitiveness of Latvia.

1999 : 4
Gatis Māziņš and Marko Veerberk
Diversification and the Firm Value. Evidence from the Baltic Countries.

1999 : 3
Līga Liepiņa and Kārlis Caunītis
Facilitating Organizational Culture Change and Crisis Management in Foreign Firms in Russia.

1999 : 2
Didzis Kirstuks
Subsidiary Evolution in Estonia and Latvia: a Case Study of ABB.

1999 : 1
Anete Pajuste and Gatis Ķepītis
Risk Factors and Predictability of Stock Returns in Central and Eastern Europe : Evidence from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia.

1998 : 12
Gintautas Baranauskas and Einius Stadalninkas
Empirical Test of Bank Lending Practices Viability in Lithuania.

1998 : 11
Ritvars Kumpiņš and Raimonds Krūza
Market Microstructure, Stock Liquidity and Trading Efficiency: Evidence from the Riga Stock Exchange.

1998 : 10
Mari Saraskin and Tīna Kukka
Derivatives Risk Management in Baltic Banking. The Case of Hansabank.

1998 : 9
Ulo Adamson and Jānis Vītols
Financial Distress : Costs and Predictability. The Case of Rigas Miesnieks.

1998 : 8
Paul Lumi
A Critical Evaluation of M. Porter?s Generic Strategies.

1998 : 7
Evija Ručevska and Anda Čuntonova
Foreign Direct Investment?s Impact on Productivity in Comparison to Domestic Investment: Food and Beverage Industry in Latvia.

1998 : 6
Zane Saule and Irēna Smalkā
Standardisation Versus Adaptation of the Marketing Strategy Within the Baltic Market.

1998 : 5
Gertrud Kasemaa
The Relationship Between Service Management Productivity and Service Quality in a Retail Store : the Case Study of Tartu Kaubamaja.

1998 : 4
Zane Loža and Kārlis Caunītis
Labor Market in Latvia 1996: Deployment and Analysis.

1998 : 3
Julia Berkovich
Municipal Social Assistance in Latvia. The Monitoring Instrument - Evaluation and Recommendations for Improvement.

1998 : 2
Tatjana Kuļikova and Inga Kursīte
Production and Regeneration of Activated Carbon in Latvia.

1998 : 1
Evelīna Springoviča and Renārs Urbanovičs
Investment Portfolios of Non-life Insurance Companies in Estonia and Latvia.

1997 : 2
Elena Goncharova and Susanne Eriksson
Analysis of Patterns, Form, and Structure of the Branches ?Food, Beverages and Tobacco Industry? and ?Telecommunications?. Their Political and Economic Regulation and Importance in the Transformation Process.

1997 : 1
Latvian Customer Satisfaction Barometer.

1996 : 8
Lauris Balga and Mārtiņš Freibergs
Strategic Audit of SIA Meztehnika - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 7
Justs Dzedons and Aleksandrs Jakubaņecs
Project Work on Telia Latvia - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 6
Dmitry Yuskovets
Bridge Baltia Cotton Transshipment - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 5
Zane Cīrule and Līga Liepiņa
Oriflame Latvija SIA Implementation of Direct Sales Concept - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 4
Egmonts Gāliņš, Anželika Hoteloviča and Ksenija Rižova
Study of the Service Delivery System of Baltijas Papirs - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 3
Renārs Urbanovičs
Methodology for Testing the Heckscher-Ohlin Model in Latvia - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 2
Jānis Timmermanis
The Government Securities Market in Latvia (1993-1996) - Bachelor's Thesis.

1996 : 1
Zane Cīrule, Līga Liepiņa, Mārtiņš Freibergs, Renārs Urbanovičs
Valmiera Glass Fibre Plant - a Case Study.