TeliaSonera Institute Discussion Papers

The TeliaSonera Institute at SSE Riga publishes reports and discussion papers on policy-related issues in the fields of entrepreneurship, telecom and information technology in the TeliaSonera Institute Discussion Paper Series.

Discussion Paper No 12: Locating Entrepreneurial Creativity and Knowledge to foster Growth of European Cities. Evgenii Dainov and Arnis Sauka

Discussion Paper No 11: Small- and Medium- Sized Businesses’ Growth Expectations and Financial Performance in Latvia: does Ethnicity Matter? Ruta Aidis, Tomasz Mickiewicz and Arnis Sauka

Discussion Paper No 10: Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy after Socialism Tomasz Mickiewicz, Arnis Sauka and Ute Stephan

Discussion Paper No 9: Venture Capital in Latvia Revisited Alf Vanags, Jūlija Staševska and Anders Paalzow

Discussion Paper No 8: Mobile Termination: How to Regulate or Perhaps Not to Regulate at All? Alf Vanags

Discussion Paper No 7: Business Insolvencies in Latvia  Arnis Sauka and Friederike Welter

Discussion Paper No 6: Productive and Unproductive Entrepreneurship in Latvia Arnis Sauka and Friederike Welter

Discussion Paper No 5: Exploring Entrepreneurship and SME Development in a Post Soviet Context Friederike Welter

Discussion Paper No 4: Women and Entrepreneurship in Latvia  Friederike Welter and Susanne Kolb

Discussion Paper No 3: Challenges of the EU New Regulatory Framework (NRF) in Electronic Communications: An Economist’s Perspective Alf Vanags

Discussion Paper No 2: Entrepreneurship in Latvia Vyacheslav Dombrovsky and Ieva Ubele

Discussion Paper No 1: Venture Capital in Latvia Vitas Dijokas and Alf Vanags