Entrepreneurship at SSE Riga

SSE Riga has an active agenda to address entrepreneurship. Many of the activities are undertaken within the TeliaSonera Institute framework. The TeliaSonera Institute at SSE Riga is endowed by TeliaSonera and operates as a think tank whose aims are to promote and undertake policy-oriented research in the fields of entrepreneurship, telecom and information technology as well as to promote entrepreneurship in Latvia.

The Institute is responsible for Latvia’s participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Furthermore, to stimulate policy discussion the Institute organizes the TeliaSonera Business Days and publishes the TeliaSonera Institute Discussion Paper Series.

To promote entrepreneurship, SSE Riga has established the SSE Riga Business Development Laboratory and the SSE Riga Mentor Club. SSE Riga is also one of the founders of Connect Latvia. In addition, the school is involved in a number of projects aiming at developing the region’s creative industries.