The Third International Conference on International Business in Transition Economies (2004)

The School’s 10th Anniversary Conference was organized in cooperation with the International Business Economics Group at Aalborg University, Denmark, and the Center for International Business and Economics Research (CIBER) in Lithuania. The conference theme was: “International Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Competitiveness in the Transforming and Enlarging Europe”. The Conference attracted 120 scholars from 28 different countries including the United States, Canada and Japan. Many of the participants were leading experts in the fields of International Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and had a long-term research interest in the emerging and transforming economies of the Central and Eastern European as well as the Baltic countries.

The Conference was preceded by a Doctoral Seminar and the so called Baltic Roundtable. The latter was a roundtable discussion for invited guests focussing on issues of interest to policy makers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.