Year Two

Second year students face a set of challenges; they are acclimated to SSE Riga life, and they turn to in-depth academic and professional exploration.

In the second year, students begin with international economics and finance, followed by econometrics, business ethics and market research. In the Spring Semester students study financial economics, economic anthropology, accounting and finance, economics of networks and strategy.

Studies in the second year vary from lectures and seminars to small group discussions, major project work and company projects. Online teaching and e-learning is integrated in a few courses, including e-lectures.

During the second year students identify their academic and professional strengths and specific interests. In early June students have individual feedback meetings to discuss their personal and academic development as well as their academic plan for the final year. By the end of the second year, students understand the complexities involved in making economic and business decisions and the importance of being socially responsible and ethical in business. Having finished the academic programme, students take six-week summer internships at public or private institutions.