SSE Riga Alumni Association

The SSE Riga Alumni Association (AA) was established in November 1996 after the first graduation at SSE Riga. The reasons for its foundation and development were not only to facilitate further communication between the graduates but also to support SSE Riga's increasing influence in the Baltics and to promote recruitment and career opportunities for students.

The most important fact that gave it birth is "the unique SSE Riga spirit". Graduates of SSE Riga are not just a group of people united by the fact that they all have SSE Riga diplomas, but rather that they are a team of Alumni.

There is the executive team composed of the year coordinators and the chairmen of different teams (Social Arrangement team, News team, Business Relations team, IT team). Since SSE Riga is a Baltic institution, AA has regional managers in Estonia and Lithuania to ensure closer contacts with the graduates from these countries. The Social Arrangement team keeps the Alumni spirit by organising monthly gatherings as well as several big events every year.

Alumni stories cover Graduation 2007 increased Alumni Association membership to a magic number - 1001. Read more about the 1001 Alumni Stories here.

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