Alumni Scholarship Programme

The SSE Riga Alumni Scholarship is an initiative by the Alumni community who are willing to support talented and motivated young people from the Baltics by covering a tuition fee for one academic year of studies. The selection of scholarship recipients is based on financial need and academic potential. The majority (45%) of students who are enrolled in Year 1 and who apply for a scholarship receive grant to cover the tuition fee. For example, in 2009 there were 43 applicants and 21 scholarship grants were awarded.
To apply for the Alumni Scholarship, a candidate should be officially admitted to the SSE Riga BSc programme from August 2010 and submit the following documentation:

 - A scholarship application form;
- An official statement on the student’s family’s income status (confidential information only used by the Scholarship Award Committee)
- CV
- A written statement describing the academic objectives and explanations about special circumstances and financial constraints

The scholarship application documents should be submitted to Diana Pauna, SSE Riga Pro-rector by September 5, 2011. The assessment criteria to qualify for the scholarship are:
- Coming from a low-income family;
- Special circumstances in the family and the dependency level (parents divorced or separated or a single-parent family);
- Academic potential based on the admissions results
- Academic motivation to pursue undergraduate studies at SSE Riga

The members of the Scholarship Award Committee (SAC) are: SSE Riga Rector, Pro-rector, Admissions Director, three Alumni Association representatives representing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The Scholarship Award will be announced on September 15, 2011, and it will be awarded through the Leif Mutén Society ( with the interest being covered by the scholarship awarder, i.e. SSE Riga Alumni Association.