BDL Alumni

3-2-1 Lunch
An online platform which serves clients needs when they are searching for a place to have lunch. Here you are able to find all special daily and business lunch offers in cafes and restaurants in Riga and throughout Latvia.

An online store, where you can print your own designs on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, caps, almost anything you can think of. This company is fairly new to the Business Lab, starting their operations in 2009.

The primary activities are related to the real estate market. The company also actively works on creating a platform that would bring together buyers and sellers, and would also allow clients to monitor the work of real estate brokers.

AMIKA Producer of car air fresheners with their main market in Lithuania and Latvia.

SMS|inform The name of the company speaks for itself. This is short message service provider to business-to-business clients. Businesses can order SMS campaigns, for example, to notify their clients about sales or debtors about missed payments.

An innovative marketing channel - clean advertising. Additionally, the company works on other creative marketing solutions.

The first e-learning production company in Latvia. Novitus has gained quite a bit of experience in developing interactive learning content, but has little experience in developing, supporting and managing e-learning platforms. The team is planning to invest time and money in developing an e-learning platform which will allow them to meet the needs of the clients more thoroughly.

An offshoot from the original idea of AdCopy, interactive screens  are placed inside schools showing information and ads.