Financial Aid

SSE Riga Student Financial Aid Programme

Financing your academic education involves much more than paying bills. It requires careful planning and budgeting. This guide describes the estimated cost of attendance, different kinds of financial aid available to SSE Riga students and explains eligibility, application processes and timeline for applying.The purpose of the Financial Aid Programme at SSE Riga is to assist students whose personal and/or family resources are not sufficient to meet the total cost of their education. Any student who requires financial support other than through personal and/or family resources will find this information useful. SSE Riga works closely with students in identifying and understanding the available funding sources.
SSE Riga assists students whose combined resources are not sufficient to meet the total cost of their education, by managing and administering Scholarship, Grant and Loan programmes.

Scholarship Awards 2010-2011

SSE Riga Alumni Scholarships
25 scholarships                               
Total EUR 61.450
Awarded on September 16, 2010

KPMG Latvia Scholarship
LVL 300
Awarded on December 16, 2010

M. Simanovičs Scholarships
Top student in Microeconomics EUR 1.000
To be awarded in February, 2011

Top student in Macroeconomics               
EUR 1.000
To be awarded in June, 2011

SEB Enskilda Scholarship
Top student in Financial Economics EUR  2.000
To be awarded in June, 2011

Zabolis Partners
Top academic achievements in Year 1
EUR 1.000
Top academic achievements in Year 2
EUR 2.000
To be awarded in June, 2011


Estimated Costs of Attendance

It costs considerably more to provide a quality education than what the student actually pays in tuition and fees. Additional funding comes from the SSE Riga shareholders, supportive organizations and alumni.
An estimated cost of attendance (COA) for determining financial aid needs and eligibility is provided to have a better understanding of a three-year estimated perspective of cost. It is possible to personalize the financial aid budget further by reviewing the standard budget provided



Financial Support from SSE Riga



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