Loan Programmes

In addition to need-based scholarships and merit-based grants, subsidized, low-interest loans are available through the SEB-SSE Riga Loan Programme and national student loans programmes provided by governments in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

SEB-SSE Riga Loan Programme
Students are free to borrow money from any of the banks that offer student loans. SSE Riga has a cooperation agreement with A/S SEB Banka in Latvia that gives all SSE Riga students the opportunity to take out a loan from SEB. Unlike loans from other banks, the SEB loan is guaranteed by SSE Riga. The SSE Riga student loan guarantee is up to LVL 8000 (EUR 10 600) for a three-year study period at SSE Riga. The loan term is fixed for a ten-year period with an interest rate of 1.5% + 6M RIGIBOR; the interest should be paid starting with the day of issuing.
A representative from SEB presented the SEB student credit package during the week of August 16-20, 2010 at SSE Riga and students had an opportunity to clarify details about the terms of the agreement. The application deadline for the SEB loan guaranteed by SSE Riga was September 30, 2010.

Latvian State Guaranteed Student Loans
Students from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania can apply for a Latvian state guaranteed loan. The
total loan available in academic year 2010/2011 is 1750 EUR per student per academic year. To apply for a state guaranteed loan, students need to provide a guarantor who is aged up to 65 years and can prove a minimum monthly income of LVL 160 (EUR 210). More information about terms and conditions are available at the website of the Study Fund (Studiju fonds) that currently provides information only in the Latvian language.
The applica
tion form for a state guaranteed loan should be submitted to the SSE Riga Accounting Department between  September 20-30, 2010. A state guaranteed loan is administered by the SEB bank. 

Please view the presentation by SEB bank about loans provided for SSE Riga students here.

Loans Guaranteed by the Estonian Government
Students who are citizens of Estonia or have a long-term residence permit for Estonia are eligible to apply for governmentally subsidized loans to study at SSE Riga in Latvia. To apply for these loans, students need to contact the commercial banks that in the respective year have won the tender to service governmentally guaranteed student loans. For detailed application requirements see the Study Allowances and Study Loans Act (