Baltic Journal of Economics

Baltic Journal of Economics

The Baltic Journal of Economics is a refereed scientific journal in economics. As of spring 2008, it is published jointly by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) and the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS). The Journal is intended to provide a publication medium for original research in economics for scholars working in the Baltic States or those who are working with topics relevant for the Baltic States or for transition economies in general.

Papers may be theoretical, empirical or political economy in their emphasis and with relevance to the Baltic countries. Papers with policy relevance or which combine economic theory with empirical findings are particularly welcome.

The Journal will stimulate a dialogue between scientists in social science, policy makers as well as other decision makers involved with economic development in the Baltic States. In order to make the journal relevant to a wide audience of academics trained in social science the articles should be presented in a form where explanations and the intuition behind the conclusions should be given priority above technical derivations.

The Baltic Journal of Economics is published twice per year and is abstracted and/or indexed in EconLit, the Journal of Economic Literature electronic edition/CD-ROM, EBSCO, and GESIS.

For more information on the Baltic Journal of Economics and back issues, please see the Journal’s website .