Dombrovsky Vyacheslav


Economics Department Faculty


Ph.D. in economics, Clark University (Worcester, Massachusetts), 2003
Dissertation: “Two Essays in Public Sector Economics”; Committee: Prof. Attiat F. Ott (Chair), Prof. Wayne Gray, Prof. Myles Callan
M.A. in economics, Clark University, 2001
B.A. in economics, University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), 1999

Current Appointments

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Assistant Professor (joint appointment with BICEPS), since September 2003
Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS)
Research Fellow, since January 2003
TeliaSonera Institute at SSE-Riga
Research Associate

Courses at SSE Riga
Econometrics (Y2)
Political Economy (Y3)

Research Interests
Political Economy, Economics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Transition

Working Papers
“Innovations and Human Capital of Business Owners: Evidence from SIBiL”. RICAFE2 Working Paper 074. March 2009
“Is there Learning from Exporting? Firm-level Evidence from Latvia”. (with Boris Ginzburg and Olga Rastrigina). RICAFE2 Working Paper 073. March 2009
“Campaign Contributions and Firm Performance: The Latvian Way”. SSE-Riga/BICEPS Working Paper. July 2008.
“Do Political Connections Matter? Firm-level Evidence from Latvia”. SSE-Riga/BICEPS Working Paper. July 2008.
“The Role of Personal and Family Background in Making Entrerpeneuers in Post-Socialist Environment”. (co-authored with Friederike Welter). TeliaSonera Institute Working Paper. 2006.
“Contract Enforcement and Enterprise Development: Theory and Evidence from the Baltic States.” 2003. (co-authored with Alf Vanags and Romans Pancs). BICEPS Working Paper
“Incentives for Fiscal Extraction for Roving Bandits Vs. Stationary Bandits: An Empirical Analysis” , mimeo

Chapters in Books
“Latvia: PSED Overview” (co-authored with Anders Paalzow and Olga Rastrigina) forthcoming in Paul D. Reynolds and Richard T. Curtin (ed). 2010. New Business Creation: An International Overview. New York City: Springer
“Latvian-Russian Economic Relations.” (co-authored with Alf Vanags) in Nil Muižnieks (ed). 2006. Latvian-Russian Relations: Domestic and International Dimensions. Latvijas Universitātes akadēmiskais apgāds.
“What kept the Russian Federation Intact? Testing the Internal Exit Model of Buchanan and Faith” in Ott, Attiat F. and Cebula, Richard (eds). 2006. Empirical Public Economics, Cheltenham, UK and Lyme, US: Edward Elgar.

Journal Articles
“Is Anything Wrong with Higher Education in Latvia?”, Baltic Journal of Economics, 2009. Vol. 9(2)
“Can We Revive a ‘Baltic Tiger’?”, Baltic Rim Economies. February 2009.
“Grozījumi Konkurences Likumā un to Ietekme uz Patērētājiem” [Amendments to the Competition Law and their Effect on the Consumers]. September 2008. Jurista Vārds, 33(538)

Discussion Papers and Non-academic activities
Blog at (in English and Latvian), 2008-present
Bi-weekly column in The Telegraf newspaper (in Russian), January 2009 - present
 “Chronicles of a ‘Failed State’”. Discussion Paper at Public Policy Portal June 2009.
 “Nothing Special: The Economic Crisis in Latvia.” December 2008.
“Subversion of Democracy?”. August 2008.
“Dangerous Liaisons”. Discussion Paper at April 2008.

Research and Continuing Reports
“Does Latvia Need an Industrial Policy?” Discussion Paper. President’s Strategic Analysis Commission. January 2010. Riga, Latvia.
“Is Anything Wrong with Latvia’s Higher Education?” Discussion Paper. President’s Strategic Analysis Commission. September 2009. Riga, Latvia.
“Assessing the extent of tax evasion in the real estate sector”. Research Report for the Latvian Public Notaries’ Association, May 2008. Riga, Latvia.
“Optimizing the system of taxes and allowances to promote employment” (Optimāla, nodarbinātību veicinoša nodokļu un pabalstu sistēma). National Program “Labor Market Researh”. Welfare Ministry of Latvia. (co-authored with Oksana Zabko, Andrejs Jakobsons, Alf Vanags, Mark Chandler, and Egita Uzulena). 2007.
“Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Latvia Country Report 2006”. (co-authored with Olga Rastrigina and Andrejs Jakobsons). TeliaSonera Institute. Riga, Latvia.
“Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Latvia Country Report 2005”. (co-authored with Mark Chandler and Karlis Krēsļiņš). TeliaSonera Institute. Riga, Latvia.
“Who are the Latvian Entrepreneurs?” 2005. TeliaSonera Institute Discussion Paper No. 2 (co-authored with Alf Vanags and Ieva Ubele). Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.
 “Parental Leave and Childcare in Sweden”, European Union Peer Review. Expert’s Report on Latvia, April 2004
 “Career Breaks in Belgium”, European Union Peer Review, Expert’s Report on Latvia, February 2004
 “Improving Economics Research Capacity in Latvia.” (Ekonomiskās pētniecības kapacitātes uzlabošanas iespējas). Research Report for the Ministry of Economy of Latvia. 2004. (co-authored with Alf Vanags, Julia Alasheyeva and Daniels Jelisejevs) Riga, Latvia.

Presentations at Conferences and Seminars
ZEW seminar, Mannheim, December 2009 (Innovations and Human Capital of Business Owners)
Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, August 2009 (Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics in Latvia)
International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE), Berkeley, June 2009 (Campaign contributions and firm performance)
DIW seminar, Berlin, April 2009 (Campaign contributions and firm performance)
Xth International Academic  Conference on Economic and Social Development, Moscow (Higher School of Economics, April 2009, (Campaign contributions and firm performance)
Tartu University, Economics Department seminar, 4 December, 2008, (Campaign contributions and firm performance)
Kiev School of Economics seminar, Kiev, April 2008, (Politically Connected Firms)
New Economic School seminar, Moscow, April 2008, (Politically Connected Firms)
SITE seminar, Stockholm, 8 April, 2008 (Politically Connected Firms)
Public Choice Society Conference, San Antonio, 6-8 March 2008 (Politically Connected Firms)
GDN Regional Research Competition VI East European Conference, Prague, August 2006 (Politically Connected Firms)
Babson Entrepreneurship Conference, Bloominghton, Indiana, June 2006 (Personal and Family Factors in the Making of Entrepreneurs)
SITE/CEFIR/BICEPS/WISER/KEI seminar, Kiev, September 2005 (Estimating informal economy using the car registration data)
GDN Regional Research Competition V East European Conference, Prague, 10-12 August 2005 (Estimating informal economy using the car registration data)
6th Annual Conference on Current Trends in Economics, SAET, Rhodes, 2003 (Testing the Internal Exit Model)
GDN Regional Research Competition III East European Conference, Prague, 10-11 August 2003 (Contract Enforcement and Enterprise Performance)
SITE/SHEE seminar, Stockholm, 2003 (Russian Federation: Testing the Internal Exit Model)
SSE-Riga/BICEPS seminar, Riga, 2003, 2005, 2008
Public Choice Society and Economic Science Association Conference, San Diego, 2002 (Incentives for Fiscal Extraction)

Faculty: Economics