Pauna Diāna


Pro-rector, Director of Studies


Diana Pauna holds a position of the Pro-rector at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga), and she has a PhD in education. Her research interests and experience are in the field of higher education management, graduate performance, collaboration between the academia, enterprises, and science and art institutions. She has been extensively involved in EU Phare and local governmental projects. Research on professional education centre, elaboration of tests for measuring labour potential of secondary school students and unemployed were the core activities in the EU Phare project on “Establishment of Zemgale Regional Support Centre for Entrepreneurship and Adult Education” in 2003. Within the project developed for the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia on “Development of the Competence Centre Programme” in 2005, based on studies on similar competence centres in the EU (Austria, Estonia, Sweden) and the evaluation of the current situation in Latvia (the evaluation of existing cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs and potential opportunities), a support model was developed, providing short-term and long-term outcomes, a list of potential support recipients, the organization structure and the legal status. In 2006, she has been working as an expert in the EU Phare CBC project on “Developing a New Design Programme at the Academy of Arts of Latvia” that has been done in close cooperation with the University of Arts and Design in Finland.


She has organized various international seminars and conferences at SSE Riga, the last one being on “Future Potential of Creative Industries” held on October 12, 2006. During the conference she also gave a presentation on “Forging Partnerships”, elaborating on attempts of cooperation, partnerships and exchange of information on policy tools in the promotion of cultural entrepreneurship in the creative industries.


Major publications during last five years:

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