Silk Road Project

A new and expanded Silk Road has emerged across Eurasia. Latvia is poised to profit as its primary mediator of economic, political, and social relations.Stretching across Eurasia from China in the East, to the EU and it largest trading partner North America in the West, the potential for expanding trade is enormous. Latvia can embrace this opportunity to handle this commerce, or see competing Baltic cities possessing significant advantages seize this historic moment. The Baltic cities and states first capitalizing on their intermediary role between East and West in this reemerging Silk Road will secure advantages quickly, and perhaps permanently.

The Silk Road Project at the SSE Riga is positioned to provide research on navigating this new terrain for business, government, and as facilitator between them in private/public partnerships. We invite the principal actors concerned from government, finance, diplomatic corps, shipping, transit, etc., to hold strategy sessions on how to realize this goal of expanding Latvia's transit trade. The project generates the knowledge, future policymakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals required to cultivate conditions for continued strong economic growth through transit trade. The project is positioned to develop plans for Latvia to exploit opportunities presented by its entry into the EU and its distinctive geography equidistant between Berlin and Moscow, but also its central position that could connect Eurasia, from Japan to China, Central Asia to West Europe, and perhaps even in a Transatlantic context, North America.

For more information contact Jeff Sommers.