Putniņš Tālis


Economics Department Faculty

Ph.D. in economics, University of Sydney
Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours, University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Finance, University of Adelaide

Courses taught at SSER:
Financial Economics
Finance Specialisation

Other responsibilities:
Research Associate, Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies

Peer reviewed publications:

Why do traders choose to trade anonymously? (with C. Comerton-Forde and K.M. Tang), 2011, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (forthcoming).

Market manipulation: A survey, 2011, Journal of Economic Surveys (forthcoming).

The effects of market makers and stock analysts in emerging markets (with K. Čekauskas, R. Gerasimovs, and V. Liatukas), 2011, International Review of Finance (forthcoming).

Measuring closing price manipulation (with C. Comerton-Forde), 2011, Journal of Financial Intermediation 20(2), 135-158.

Pricing accuracy, liquidity and trader behavior with closing price manipulation (with C. Comerton-Forde), 2011, Experimental Economics 14(1), 110-131.

Naked short sales and fails-to-deliver: An overview of clearing and settlement procedures for stock trades in the USA, 2010, Journal of Securities Operations and Custody 2(4), 340-350.

Research interests:
Market microstructure, integrity of financial markets, market manipulation, insider trading, partial-detection modelling, short selling.

Faculty: Economics