Rector's Message

Riga, August 2009

In the yearly cycle of SSE Riga, the months of June and July mean saying farewell to our graduates and start identifying the graduates to be. Having seen this year’s test results and having had an opportunity to participate in a few interviews, I would say that the quality of this year’s applicants is as good as ever. In this context there are two more observations worth emphasizing. Firstly, Baltic secondary schools and their teachers do, against the commonly held belief, a very good job in preparing their pupils for higher education. Secondly, SSE Riga’s main competitors are located outside the region – several candidates told that they were considering going abroad for studies were they not admitted to SSE Riga. Hence, the main challenge facing not only SSE Riga, but the entire higher education sector in the Baltic countries is to be competitive at a European level.

By providing an education that is competitive at the European level, SSE Riga gives talented Baltic students an opportunity staying “at home” rather than going abroad for studies. Otherwise, the most talented might leave the region and once they have done that, it will be difficult to lure them back. In this context I am happy to reveal that the Swedish foundation “Anne-Marie and Gustaf Anders stiftelse för medieforskning” has joined TeliaSonera as one of the School’s major benefactors ensuring the long-term development of the School for the benefit of the Baltic countries and their talented youth.

Anders Paalzow
Rector, SSE Riga