Student Housing

SSE Riga is centrally located in Riga, Latvia. Students who are not from this area are encouraged to take advantage of the SSE Riga Student Residence Hall to facilitate their integration in the student community. We offer newly renovated accommodation that is safe and secure, where students can sleep and study in comfort
Location: Patversmes iela 22, Riga, LV-1005.
Transport: Trolleybus #3; Bus #11; #33; #49.
Rooms: twin rooms with two residence units (two single beds), triple rooms with three residence units (three single beds). Each quarter consists of a twin room and a triple room where five dormitory residents share a bathroom. Dormitory residents have to bring their own bed linen, pillows and towels.
Rooms available
: 7 quarters on the first floor with 7 twin rooms and 7 triple rooms (reserved for Year 1 students) in total 35 residence units; 10 quarters on the second floor with 10 twin rooms and 7 triple rooms (reserved for Year 2 and Year 3 students) in total 41 resident unit.
Security: Entrance card to the building and keys to the room, security cameras and the emergency alarm system reinforce dormitory security.
Conveniences: Common room on each floor for studies, wireless internet, kitchen facilities to be shared among 15 students.
Sanitation: Dormitory residents shall take care of regular cleaning and maintenance of their residence units, rooms, bathrooms, common rooms and kitchen facilities.
Amenities: Every resident shall have a bed, mattress, desk, lamp, bookshelf, wardrobe, internet access.
Respect: Privacy is valued in the SSE Riga Dormitories. Male and female residents are accommodated in different rooms, however, they can share a quarter (a twin room and a triple room). Living and working in a community requires dormitory residents to show each other mutual respect and consideration.
Rates: a residence unit in a twin room EUR 100 per month; a residence unit in a triple room EUR 80 per month.
Payment: Rental payment shall be made in two installments – for the fall semester by November 30, 2010 and for the spring semester by April 30, 2011.
Application procedure: In the Acceptance Package that you receive, complete the section on housing, indicating your preferred choice (twin room or triple room); upon arrival sign the housing agreement and pick up the entrance card and the key.
Other housing options in the city
Some students may prefer to rent living space in the city. Students often choose to share the rental for an apartment. To find out more about the possibilities of sharing a room or an apartment with your peers from SSE Riga, please contact the SSE Riga Student Association at

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